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Construction Consultant

Owner’s Advocate – The Business of Doing Business in Construction


The building industry is a business, no matter where you personally land in the process. Consumers want top quality products for a fair price and providers want to be paid a good rate for their services and products. Bringing all of the components together to produce a high functioning construction machine is Owner’s Advocate’s business.

Construction Management for the Consumer

Owner’s Advocate is a cost saving and risk management proponent for property owners involved with a construction project, whether it’s an improvement, remodel or a new home or building. We understand both sides of the business and promote construction business fundamentals with a defined scope of work, competitive pricing and an agreement that provides for the consumer’s needs. Owner’s Advocate coordinates contractors with timelines and unified goals and brings your project on line swiftly, safely and completely.

Specialty Contractor Business Consultant

Owner’s Advocate helps construction business owners develop strategies to increase sales by promoting cost effective and profitable operations that produce highly satisfied customers. We work to boost your reputation in the industry. Owner’s Advocate provides consulting services for construction business owners concentrating on mechanical, electrical and other “specialty” contractors.

Shorewest Realtors

As a State of Wisconsin Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Pete Hammes adds another dimension to the benefits and opportunities of working with Owner’s Advocate. By inserting construction business fundamentals into Real Estate investments in Wisconsin you will know the costs and benefits of required defect cures; or desirable home improvements and remodels. Association with the Shorewest Brokerage brings you vast Real Estate resources including mortgage and insurance support to title and closing services. Click on the Shorewest Logo to learn more.

Construction Consultant.