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Pete Hammes and Owner's Advocate


In 2001, Pete Hammes took his Economics education and more than 20 years of experience managing successful business engines through increased sales, cost effective operations and profitability and created Owner’s Advocate, LLC. Today, Owner’s Advocate specializes in representing the Construction Consumer, and consulting on behalf of Specialty Contractors. It is our firm belief that these business fundamentals are universal and our processes add value to any project or business.

At Owner’s Advocate, Hammes earns the praises of his customers and peers as he brings his considerable knowledge of the industry to each project to insure that it functions like a high powered machine.

Pete Hammes believes the fundamental professional goal for all of us is to continuously improve to achieve new standards of business excellence, to reward those that consistently work toward improvement, and that all team members are empowered to strive for excellence. It is the continuous march of quarter turn improvements that lifts owners above and beyond their challenges and leads to excellent results at the finish line.