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Why Your Specialty Firm Should Partner with Owner's Advocate


Mechanical Contractors, Electrical Contractors and other Specialty Contractors typically face a variety of challenges depending on project category, contractual agreements, and type of customer. Merging these variables into a cohesive strategy is the advantage of partnering with Owner’s Advocate.

We coach on sales and work acquisition, contract management, work flow, planning and scheduling, project documentation, purchasing, change order strategies, system start up, project closeout and all other elements necessary for effective project execution. We provide expertise that will drive you towards greater field installation efficiency and productivity.

More importantly, Owner’s Advocate provides construction business owners with reasonably priced consultancy targeted to developing strategies to drive accountability into the firm, eliminate the deterioration of gross profit on projects, manage risk proactively, and give effective feedback and communication loops that meet and exceed the production rates required.

If requested Owner’s Advocate will perform an assessment of your firm through interview, observation and group brainstorming sessions to produce a gap analysis between the current status and the company’s vision for the future. This then provides information on priorities and identifies specific improvement steps to get started.

Construction challenges such as schedule, quality, cost overruns and uncooperative customer representatives may require mid project risk mitigation steps designed to preserve profitability. Owner’s Advocate’s strategic approach to these situations will provide methodology to resolution and education on avoiding contract traps moving forward.

Our advocacy of the specialty construction business owner is based on more than 30 years of managing successful business engines through increased sales, cost effective operations and profitability. While each company is unique, the fundamentals are universal and our value-enhanced processes are designed to enhance any business. Owner’s Advocate is an agent of change with the insightful diagnostic skills your company needs.

Pete spent a week on-site and evaluated our company from the top to bottom and back up. We were extremely impressed with Mr. Pete’s professionalism, knowledge of our industry, interaction with our employees; brainstorming sessions, and most of all, the ideas and recommendations he produced in concluding the evaluation. Not only was Pete extremely knowledgeable in the mechanical contracting world, but has vast knowledge in accounting, estimating, and business management.
- Bryan F. Fielder; Springfield Engineering Company

Construction Consultant.