Owner's Advocate

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How Owner's Advocate Can Help with Your Construction Projects


Owner's Advocate serves as a risk management and cost saving guide for companies and individuals who are beginning a construction project. Contracting services for a construction project is a business proposition that is often filled with a variety of independent companies, each working on their own agendas and timeframes. Coordinating these outside companies and placing them within the same timeline with a unified final goal is difficult for individuals or people who are not used to working in this environment. This is where Owner's Advocate can be a great benefit to your project, working with diverse groups and bringing them together to function as a unit is our specialty.

Why an Advocate?

  • Folks have busy schedules and don’t have the time to deal with contractors.
  • Folks want to be sure they are acquiring the services at a competitive price.
  • Folks want to be sure the contractor is insured.
  • Folks want to be sure the work will be done on time and safely.
  • Folks want to know they are not signing onerous or misleading agreements.
  • Folks want to be sure that the project is properly managed.

What does Owner's Advocate do?

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the work you want done.
  • Acquire at least three bids from competent providers for the exact same scope of work.
  • Present the bid results to you and explain advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Award the work, schedule events, oversee activities, and confirm permits and insurance.
  • Ensure the work is properly completed and warranties are obtained.
  • Manage cash flow and guard against premature payment or over payment.

What is the Benefit to You?

  • You will have a single point of contact for one trade or multiple trades.
  • Competitive bidding causes the provider to reduce cost to get the job.
  • Side by side bid results show you the savings and confirms a fair price.
  • The work will be synchronized to facilitate rapid progress and to meet your needs.
  • Sound construction management business practices will be employed.
  • You will save money and get a better product.

How much will Owner’s Advocate Cost?

  • 12% of contractor cost.
  • We work with Contractors that are professional, ethical, and do high quality work. Service Providers do not pay OA any fees.
  • Fee structure may need to change for special circumstances. A minimum may apply.
  • The Owner’s Advocate premium is typically more than offset by our cost saving strategies.
  • Simply trusting someone you know or awarding to the first provider typically brings a cost that is much higher than acquiring the services of Owner’s Advocate.

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